Majima Gorohachi
Gorohachi Majima
Majima Gorohachi 真島五六八 - Chapter 2,5 - 001
Gorohachi as Shishido Baiken.
First appearance Ryū Ga Gotoku: Kenzan!


Aka Shishido Baiken (Kanji?)

From ThePatrick'a gamefaq walkthrough

"Shishido Baiken was an original character developed by Yoshikawa Eiji when he wrote the famous book "Miyamoto Musashi," upon which many modern popular accounts of Musashi's life are based.
Miyamoto Musashi 宮本武蔵 and Majima meet up in the home base of the task force Marume Nagayoshi 丸目長恵 has been leading, and they fight almost immediately when Kiryuu refuses to drink Majima's sake. However, he quickly realises how skillful Musashi is and becomes his friend. The two then volunteer for the critical role in the secret mission.
It was all a set-up, and Majima and Musashi have to flee for their lives. However, while running away, Majima has no choice but to cut a suspension bridge the pursuing troops are standing on, and falls to his (presumed) death.
Majima's last wish was for Musashi to bring his sword to his younger sister, Ukiyo 浮世, who refuses it. It turns out Majima had been taking care of Ukiyo and only considered her his younger sister; she was really only related by the fact that it was Majima who killed her father. And so, Ukiyo refuses to accept Majima's sword.
After coming to Gion, Kiryuu is asked to retrieve a treasure for Hon'ami Kouetsu 本阿弥光悦 that has been stolen by bandits. When he enters the inner sanctum of their cavernous lair, he is assaulted by their leader, Shishido Baiken, only to find that it is actually Majima. It seems that Majima lost his memory after the fall. He was taken in by the previous head of the Shishido bandits, and at the death of that man, became head of them, himself.
This is basically the same Majima Gorou character you encounter in the other titles. Of course, things are slightly different, but he's pretty much the same."