The first time you play the game or start a new game from scratch you will be asked what level you want to start at:-

  • 初級 Beginner
  • 中級 Intermediate
  • 上級 Advanced
  • (Super Advanced Unlocked after beating Advanced)

NB If you don't want to sit through all the cut scenes then you need to change the relevant setting in the Options. You can find those on the Start Menu.

When you beat the game for the first time, you'll unlock a few options...

You can now start a new game based on the old save data. This will carry over

  • Level
  • Experience
  • Items
  • Equipment (you'll have to re-equip your weapons)
  • Money
  • Turtles you've rescued
  • Heat Actions you've performed on your completion list (though the actual skills WILL NOT CARRY OVER)
  • Weapons you have on your completion list

You'll also get a certain bonus for what difficulty level you played the previous playthrough:

  • Beginner: 300,000 mon (30 ryou)
  • Intermediate: 500,000 mon (50 ryou)
  • Advanced: 1,000,000 mon (100 ryou) + Super Advanced Difficulty option
  • Super Advanced: Brawling God Amulet