001 Start menu

Kenzan Start Menu on first play through after installing the data.

The Start Menu can look different depending at what stage of the game you are. You can install game data and this option will disappear once it has been installed. More options appear once you have completed the story once.

If you didn't already know, the Ryuu Ga Gotuku games are similar to other Japanese adventure games in that, you can't do everything on your first play through. There are several side missions and collectables that are difficult to get on your first play through. These illusive items usually help you on harder difficulties. Once you complete the game once then the other options open up. To reflect this changing Start Menu, the options that are available under certain conditions are marked with an asterix:-

メニュー / Menu
1 Start New Game 最初 から 始める
2 Continue 続き から 始める
*3 Start from Clear Data クリア データの レベル
*4 Ultimate Skill Challenge 究極闘技 (kyuukyoku tougi)
*5 Premium Adventure 京都漫遊 (kyouto man'yuu)
*6 Reminisce (Cutscenes) 回想 (kaisou)
7 Options / Settings 設定 (settei)
*8 Install インストール